RadioStation adds iPod dock

Revo has added iPod docking functionality to its BLIK digital radio receiver, creating the iBLIK. The unit will be available next month and will also be sold in Apple stores across Europe.

It features full DAB and DAB+ digital radio reception, FM radio coverage with RDS, Wi-Fi internet radio (easy access to over 11,000 stations from around the world), MP3 media streaming from PC or Mac, full electronic alarm clock features and iPod docking station functionality.
David Baxter, Managing Director of Revo Technologies said: “We believe that iBLIK RadioStation is the ultimate digital radio device. Its combination of DAB and DAB+ coverage, FM radio reception, internet radio, MP3 media streaming and full iPod playback further pushes the perception of what a digital radio is capable of.”
The unit will be sold in addition to the [link=]BLIK[/link], and is expected to sell for around £180.

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