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Talk performs for UTV Radio

Talk 107 has seen another steady climb in the latest RAJAR figures. The station now has its longest average listening hours at 7.4, dramatically up on their first set of 2.2, just two years ago.

Weekly Reach is almost static at 4 per cent, meaning 41,000 people are tuning in each week out of a population of a million.

Elsewhere within UTV, talkSPORT remains the same with a five per cent reach and 8 average hours. Out of their local radio stations in the north west of England, Wish and Wave are up, whilst Wire is down slightly. Juice is back down to where it was 12 months ago, with 3.3 per cent share of listening in Liverpool compared with Radio City's 11.9.

And although the doomed Imagine FM has increased hours in the latest quarter, they are almost half what they were a year ago.

In Belfast, U105 is attracting 98,000 listeners per week. Peter McVerry, station manager said: ”This fantastic achievement shows U105 continuing to build on the positives since our launch in November 2005. These latest RAJAR figures show listeners stay tuned up to U105.8FM for longer than they do to many of our commercial rivals."

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