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UTV renews Million-2-1 contract

UTV has renewed its contract with premium rate mobile company Million-2-1 for a further two years to provide services such as the reverse auction game How Low?

Under the renewed year contract, Million 2-1 will continue its full service role with UTV, powering the creation, delivery, billing and management of an array of mobile interactive services. Million-2-1 will continue to supply UTV with SMS voting, text the studio facilities, quizzes, lotteries, games and competitions such as the ongoing use of Million 2-1’s reverse auction game How Low? and SMS quiz based gameshow, Money on Your Mobile.

Scott Davies, director, Million 2-1 said: “Mobile interactivity has grown to form an essential function in radio programming as broadcasters look to create innovative ways for their listeners to engage with their radio shows and ultimately their brand. Mobile interactivity allows people to participate ‘in radio’ spontaneously wherever they are, by texting in an opinion, voting or entering a competition.”

“UTV has an excellent understanding of this dynamic, in particular the opportunity to bolster its commercial operations through the use of premium rate mobile services.”

Kevin Bird, director of new media, UTV Radio, said: “Mobile premium rate services, games and competitions are an exceptional fit with radio. Both are highly personalised forms of communication with mobile now providing the perfect interactive bridge between the two media.

“Our experience of working with the Million 2-1 team over the last few years has added value for our listeners. It follows that our decision to renew and extend the relationship with Million 2-1 makes absolute sense to the interactive and commercial objectives of UTV and talkSPORT.”

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