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Internet Radio arrives in-car

Streaming internet radio in cars has taken a step forward with the announcement from Chrysler in America that they are to include UConnect Wi-Fi routers from next year.

The idea of Wi-Fi in cars has been highly criticised, suggesting drivers will be distracted by their laptops in addition to current gadgets such as satellite navigation and mobile phones.

On Chrysler’s Web site, a manager in the company’s advanced connectivity technology group explains the rationale for the service: “People are connected in their lives everywhere today. They’re connected at home, they’re connected at the office, they’re connected at Starbucks when they go for a cup of coffee.

“The one place that they spend a lot of time that they’re not connected is in their vehicle, and we want to bring that to them.”

The system is designed, say Chrysler, to offer internet connectivity to children in the back of vehicles or for passengers.

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