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New all-in-one radio from Radiopaq

Internet radio portal Radiopaq has unveiled it's first foray into the hardware market – claiming their new Rp5 device will 'pave the way for the future of digital radio.

Like a growing number of sets coming on the market, the new Rp5 incorporates wi-fi, DAB and FM.

Radiopaq say the Rp5's synchronisation with their Radiopaq.com website makes it unlike any other radio – and they reckon it'll simplify how people listen to live radio, listen again content and podcasts. It'll have the same internet radio search engine that the website has, and favourites stored on the site will automatically update on the Rp5.

Set to go on sale at £250 next month, it'll cost you more than, say, Revo's iBlik Radiostation but Radiopaq claim the sound quality will be 'fantastic' (although we've been unable to confirm that – we will when our press sample arrives!). According to Radiopaq's publicity blurb, 'the five way speaker system and the combination of digital and analogue processors enhance the audio signal to give a full range of sound. This means that anything you're listening to – be it classical symphonies, hip-hop or documentaries – sounds completely natural, while the high quality casing minimises sound distortion.'

Where the Rp5 looks certain to differ from its rivals is in the extra content displayed on the device. An 'info' button will give you real-time news, weather and travel information based on the preferences you've made as part of your account on the Radiopaq website. It also boasts treble and bass controls, UPnP functionality to stream audio from your computer, and the option to programme an unlimited number of favourites.

Prash Vadgama, President of Radiopaq, told RadioToday.co.uk: "We believe that the Radiopaq offering, with its seamless interaction between the website and the hardware, is without a doubt the future of radio. The Radiopaq offering is the simplest way to find and manage all the internet radio content you want, allowing you to choose between FM, DAB and internet radio whether you're at your computer or using your Radiopaq system.

"Radiopaq allows you to organise all your audio content, making sure that your favourite stations are to hand and keeping up to date with all the podcasts you enjoy," he added. "The combination of the Radiopaq.com and Rp5 hardware brings you all the radio you like and more, while making sure it all sounds great."

Visit radiopaq.com for more information on the Rp5.

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