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Revolution overthrown, flips format

According to reports online, the Revolution in Oldham has been sold to an unknown buyer.

The station, which was last reported to be owned by the Oldham Evening Chronicle and UKRD Group has flipped format in the past 24 hours, from playing rock and alternative music to an AC format.

This lunchtime the station was playing back-to-back music including Queen, Girls Aloud, the Bee Gees and Ace of Base. Upon playing Elton John's I'm Still Standing at midday, the presenter commented angrily: "No, this isn't ironic".

The station's format allows it to play "a broad mix of adult contemporary, adult alternative and soft rock hits".

In recent years the station has failed to attract a substantial audience, which has seen a steep decline since the launch of XFM Manchester in Spring 2006. Broadcasting to over half a million adults, the station claimed a weekly reach of 95,000 in 2002.

Since XFM launched two years ago, the weekly reach has dropped from 65,000 to 17,000 and a market share of 1.4 per cent.

Radio Today contacted UKRD but nobody was available to comment. Radio Today also contacted The Revolution but staff could not confirm the sale or confirm who currently owns the station, instead suggested our reporter "google for the details".

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