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VIDEO: Toss the Boss at City

City Talk 105.9’s breakfast co-host Kim Hughes and City boss Richard Maddock abseiled 200ft down the Royal Liverpool Hospital today as part of the Toss your Boss off the Roof event.

Kim and Richard made their way down from the top of the roof without too much screaming. Although Richard insisted the ‘ladies first rule’ should apply, Kim got her way and forced her boss to go first. Once back on the ground Kim said:

“I thought I was OK with heights due to working up the Radio City Tower everyday, but I quickly realised today that its very different when you are hanging off somewhere by a rope! It was a thrilling experience though and Richard and I are delighted to have done something for this worthwhile cause.”

The Toss your Boss off the Roof campaign promotes the local Linda McCartney Centre and St Paul’s Eye Appeal annual abseil which takes place next on September 27 and 28.

See the footage below:


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