Boy George – he comes and goes

Singer Boy George walked out of an interview with Smooth Radio presenter Tony Lyman after been questioned about Culture Club splitting up.

Lyman was mid-way through recording an interview for 106.6 Smooth Radio.
When questioned about his arrest in New York and widely documented issues with drugs, the singer appeared happy and jovial during the Six at Six feature.
But he suddenly left the studio saying "I really don’t want to do this interview…..I’m sorry but I’m just not doing it" when faced with a question about whether it was his drug taking that signalled the end of Culture Club.
Tony Lyman said: “We were doing the interview via a studio link and I thought we’d got off to a good start. Boy George was giving some very honest answers. But then the air went dead, never a good thing in radio, and I realised he’d gone.”

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