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BRMB orders BFBS resings

It's business as usual at Birmingham's BRMB as new imaging takes to the air, including a new jingle package; resings of the BFBS package from Wise Buddah.

The London-based production company has also been busy recently creating new packages for Virgin Radio Toronto, containing 10 full IDs (from BFBS and Viking FM, 2 new Breakfast themes, a news and travel suite (Capital 95.8) and over 50 sweepers.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Virgin Radio recently commissioned Wise Buddah to license its Virgin Radio rock package and also come up with a number of new custom themes to add to the package which is set to go to air on September 25th.

You can hear more recent work by Wise Buddah on this month's Jingle Network [link=http://www.thejinglenetwork.com/2008/09/04/september-2008-podcast/]Podcast[/link], or at the Wise Buddah [link=http://www.wisebuddah.com]website[/link].

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