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Chelmsford’s Dream to leave town

Dream 107.7 has been granted permission by Ofcom to move out of Chelmsford to co-locate with new sister station Southend Radio.

Southend's parent company Adventure Radio recently [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.3795.2]bought[/link] the station from Tindle Radio, saying they look forward to raising the revenue and profile of the loss-making station.

In applying for the co-location, David Lovell of Dream 107.7 said: "Relocation will in no way change the range of programming available to the population of the Dream 107.7 transmission area, nor will it change the competition in that area as the output of the station will remain in line with the format. The station’s USP, it’s localness and commitment to the community, will remain paramount."

Ofcom pointed out that the stations are 20 miles apart and both stations have relatively small MCAs, and felt the character of service of Dream 107.7 should remain as it is once the move has been completed.

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