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Christian gets new co-host

Virgin, nay, Absolute Radio has hired Fifth Gear presenter Vicki Butler-Henderson to work alongside Christian O’Connell on the Breakfast Show.

“Christian was a ringmaster doing all the acts himself,” said Clive Dickens, chief operating officer, Absolute Radio “Vicky will not be a co-host – she will be a team member. But she will be there to help. Christian’s had sidekicks at other broadcasters and we wanted to give some of that back.”

"This is a fantastic opportunity – the chance to work with Christian and his team on what is an amazing Breakfast Show, and working with people who have the vision and the means to re-write the definition of radio is too good an opportunity to pass up." said Vicky Butler-Henderson.

Vicky joins the team including Ritchie Firth who has recently joined the Breakfast Show team as executive producer and Brian Murphy, producer on the show.

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