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Digital Radio agreement for Europe

The WorldDMB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles has been published containing a set of mandatory features and functions for all future radio devices. It is backed by major broadcasters around Europe to create one single digital radio manufacturing market for Europe.

The news means that all radio sets made in the UK and Europe will include the facility to receive DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB Audio to accomodate the different services in different countries.

PURE and its parent company Imagination Technologies, whose digital radio technologies are used in more than 80 per cent of DAB digital radios, welcome the news. They have invested significant efforts in the development of the profile as part of their membership of the WorldDMB Forum.

Paul Smith, general manager of PURE: “Manufacturers and broadcasters will benefit from this important step towards Europe-wide digital radio. But most significantly consumers will in future be able to listen to their digital radios in any country in Europe. Today’s announcement will encourage and broaden the take up of digital radio both in the consumer and automotive markets. We therefore whole-heartedly endorse this initiative.”

The WorldDMB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles specify a set of minimum requirements and features to be built in to different classes of digital radio receivers, ensuring the interoperability of all new digital radio receivers across European countries whose broadcasters are using either DAB, DAB+ or T-DMB Audio.

This provides manufacturers with confidence that their technology investments will be supported by services and broadcasters that the services they plan will be receivable. The consumer gains from knowing that the product they have chosen contains the necessary features to provide them with a consistent experience and assured levels of interoperability across all countries operating DAB-based services.

The announcement will ensure that digital radios bought in France, for example, also work in Germany, Norway or the UK and vice versa, and will apply to any country in Europe or beyond using the WorldDMB Eureka147 family of standards.

The WorldDMB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles were developed with the aid of member experts representing silicon manufacturers, consumer device manufacturers, radio broadcasters and other experts from across the industry.

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