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IOW Radio in breach of licence

Ofcom has found Isle of Wight Radio in breach of its licence for not supplying recordings of a programme in which a listener made a complaint about infringing her privacy.

A listener complained that she had been unfairly treated during Big Al's Mid Morning Boogie with the Doc on February 13th 2008. Ofcom then requested a copy of the show but the broadcaster supplied a CD which was found to be blank. A second CD was then supplied by Isle of Wight Radio on which Ofcom was unable to identify the sequence complained of.

The station confirmed on June 2nd 2008 that this second CD was not in fact a recording of the programme requested by Ofcom and that no copy of the recording in question had been retained past the 42 day period required by its licence.

"The failure to supply recordings is a serious and significant breach of the broadcaster’s licence. This will be held on record, " the regulator said.

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