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Ivel and Vale replaced by Midwest

Former TLRC stations Ivel FM in Somerset and Vale FM in Dorset have been re-launched as Midwest Radio by new owner Chris Carnegy.

The stations [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.3543.2]changed hands[/link] just two months ago and now share 20 hours a day of programming, with only the breakfast show remaining local to each area.

Ofcom approved a request in July for the two stations to share output for 20 hours per day, saying the distance between stations is such that the relevance of regionalised programming is a sensible move for both, and represents a way of allowing smaller stations to operate more effectively without adverse effects for listeners.

Ivel FM launched in 2003 serving Yeovil whilst Vale FM served Blandford and The Blackmore Vale from Shaftesbury, since 1995. News, what's on information and adverts remain local to each area throughout shared programming.

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