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LBC offers political coverage

Commercial radio body RadioCentre are to operate a dedicated broadcast stand at the forthcoming Labour and Conservative Party conferences.

LBC 97.3’s 'Andrew Pierce and Friends' is to broadcast live from the stand, whilst RadioCentre will give local commercial radio stations across the UK the opportunity to broadcast interviews from the heart of conferences.

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre said: “Once again, this is a great opportunity for MPs to get on air and engage with their constituents from the heart of the conferences. The stand ensures Commercial Radio listeners will be kept up-to-date about major conference developments and it will give them the chance to hear from their MPs about issues that affect them at a local level.”

LBC 97.3’s programme director, Jonathan Richards: “I’m delighted to be working with RadioCentre to show off London’s biggest conversation live! There are very few people with better contacts in the political world than Andrew Pierce, so bringing his show to the Labour and Conservative party conferences is ideal.”

In addition to the RadioCentre stand, commercial radio will also have journalists covering all angles of the conference. Journalists from stations local to the conferences, in Bournemouth, Manchester and Birmingham will be attending the big speeches, fringe meetings and putting conference attendees on the spot; choice pieces of audio will be distributed across Commercial Radio in collaboration with IRN.

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