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Logging problems at Tudno FM

Llandudno's Tudno FM has been told off by Ofcom for failing to provide a recording of transmission after a listener complained about a breakfast discussion on the topic of dogging.

A listener considered the dogging discussion was inappropriate for broadcast in the early morning. The content, which aired on the Karl Davies Breakfast Show, took place on August 7th 2008.

Dogging is a slang term for having sex with strangers in a public place.

Community radio station Tudno FM explained that when it attempted to retrieve the recording from its computer logging system it discovered there had been a technical error with the soundcard on which affected recordings.

It is however a condition of all radio broadcasters’ licences that recordings of all their output are retained for 42 days after transmission. Ofcom said: "This failure of the station to meet these requirements in its licence is a serious and significant breach. This will be held on record."

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