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More breaches for GCap stations

Two of GCap's former stations have been found in breach of Ofcom's rules. Both Invicta FM and Power FM conducted competitions unfairly, according to the regulators.

Invicta FM pre-recorded a winner while still requesting that listeners call, while a Power FM presenter pretended her sister was a listener to [i]"ensure continuity of programming”[/i].

A listener to Invicta FM contacted Ofcom in February saying that she had called the studio to enter a competition. Claiming to have given the correct answer, the listener says she was told:[i] “Why is it now that everyone gets the right answer?”[/i].

She was told that the answer had already been accepted and a winner had been found. Yet the next day, the competition was still on-air, with more clues to the answer been given and listeners still been asked to call. The competition was then won when a recording made the previous day was played out.

In finding Invicta FM in breach, Ofcom stated the competition has been conducted unfairly, and expressed concern that the complainant had spent a month trying to discuss her concerns with the station, without success.

Meanwhile at Power FM, when no listeners phoned up the station in response to a competition's trigger track, the presenter on air called their own sister.

GCap later told Ofcom that [i]“the intention was not to deceive the audience but rather to ensure continuity of programming”[/i] and had given away two prizes the next day to compensate for the mistake.

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