Radio presenters are revolting

Former presenters from 96.2 The Revolution are hoping to cause a revolution of their own by announcing their intention to launch a new radio station, similar to the previous format of the Oldham station.

A MySpace page has been set up which promises that [b]Radio Republic[/b] will be "bigger and stronger", and is in need of investors with a "few quid to contribute".
Ex-Revolution presenters Phil Beckett, Martin Coogan, Cottee, Mike Joyce, Mani, Mick Ferry, Scott Carey, Kati, Alex Carter and Broady, Graeme Hawley and Jeff Hordley, Mark and Leon, Tom and Gnash are lined up for the new city-centre based station. The station's platform is as yet unknown, although it is widely expected to be online-only.
At the time of writing, the [link=]page[/link] has just over 450 friends, while the project's [url=]Facebook group[/url] has rocketed to around 1,300 members just three days after its creation.
The Revolution changed format on August 22nd and was announced last week that Steve Penk was behind the changes as the new owner. A new management team is now in place ready for a re-launch on Monday 15th September, with Steve Penk himself hosting breakfast.

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