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Rebrand for Bauer charity cat

Bauer Radio Charities is on the lookout for a name for their new feline mascot as part of the major re-brand – and is asking listeners their views on the matter.

A prize of £500 is being offered to the person who comes up with the best name.

Dawn Gibson, marketing and communications director, from Bauer Radio Charities said: “We have been working really hard on the re-brand of our Cash or Kids charity and having our mascot in place will really be the icing on the cake. As all our fund-raising goes directly towards helping underprivileged children we thought there would be no-one better placed to come up with our cat’s name than local youngsters.

“We are looking for them to get their heads together and send us in their entries on what they think our mascot should be called. As the mascot will represent all 19 of our radio station charities it’s very important we get just the right name.”

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