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Virgin Radio’s farewell show

Russ Williams hosted a special six hour long programme on Virgin Radio today between 10am and 4pm looking back at the history of the brand.

Listeners heard the launch audio from 1993, former presenters, the history of the station logo and station website, and more.

Russ is probably the only presenter to have been with the station since before it launched, so expect a real insight into what has been the UK's pop and rock station for over 15 years.

The programme came just days before the station changes name officially to Absolute Radio at 7:45am on Monday morning.

RadioToday.co.uk recommends reading a very interesting blog by Russ Williams [link=http://onegoldensquare.com/2008/09/goodbye-virginhello-absolute-by-russ-williams/]here[/link].

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