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Hours lost across all national BBC

Every one of the BBC's national FM and AM stations lost hours in the last three months, over 12.5 million in total.

Radio 2 showed a slight improvement in audience in the last quarter, adding 63,000 listeners. Average hours fell slightly, from 12.5 to 12.3 though still eating up nearly 161 million hours of listening every week, while market share remained static at 16 per cent.

BBC Radio 1 has increased audience by nearly 200,000 listeners, although their market share has dropped to its lowest since December 2006. Despite an increase in audience, Radio 1's average hours dropped to 9.1 from 9.5, meaning the station lost over 2.8 million listening hours.

BBC Radio 3 remained static in its market share, adding audience but losing hours, while Radio 4 lost over six million hours in the last month, reporting losses in all measures. Radio Five Live lost nearly 171,000 listeners and over 1.4 million hours.

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