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More advertising for City Talk

A second generation of City Talk 105.9’s advertising campaign will go live across Merseyside on Monday, again featuring quotes from presenters.

‘Bring back national service for all scumbags, declares Pete Price, ‘Real men don’t use sat nav’ states a bolshy Duncan Barkes and ‘Brand Beckham? Yes. With red hot irons’ insists weekend presenter and Mirror columnist Brian Reade.

Running for a month across outdoor media, taxis and bus backs the ads feature photos of the Bauer station’s big names along with their quotes, on air schedule and web address.

City’s marketing manager Suzanne Grant, who has overseen City Talk’s branding since prior to the launch, said: “This new wave of creative reinvigorates what has already been out and about across the city since the launch in January.

“We’ve kept the presenters opinionated quotes, which reflect the style of their show and perhaps pushed them a little further this time. We expect Brian Reade’s ‘Brand Beckham’ comment to generate most talk!”

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