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Myriad moves with the times

PSquared's playout system Myriad is growing and developing to cater for the demand of increased station networking and location sharing.

The new Myriad Framework of technologies has been developed with the help of several radio groups to provide an expandable platform for commercial radio.

PSquared said: "We have been listening to both large and small broadcasters needs and have developed a suite of inter-connected technologies based on our popular Myriad platform, which form the Myriad Framework for shared resources and networked radio.

The key Myriad Framework technologies are:

[b]Myriad Playout[/b] – Playout and automation at the heart of your station.
[b]Myriad Network[/b] – Local advertising and branding for networked shows and split advertising playout.
[b]Myriad Monitor[/b] – Central monitoring of playout for your entire Myriad Framework.
[b]Myriad Remote Voice Tracking[/b] – Talent can contribute to any station output from any PC.
[b]Myriad Anywhere[/b] – ‘Thin’ Myriad client for live station output control from a remote location.

The full Myriad Framework will unveiled for the first time anywhere at this year's SBES show in Birmingham on November 5th and 6th.

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