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PHOTOS: NAB Europe Highlights

For three days, radio management, programmers, consultants and suppliers from all over the world meet somewhere in Europe and work out how to best improve on the radio industry.

This year it was London's turn, so we decided to pop along and blog on the whole event and take some pictures for you.

The radio execs also drink lots of beer (thanks to Blue Revolution and TM Studios), ate lots of food (thanks to Blue Revolution and TM Studios) and suffer great hangovers (Blue Revolution and TM Studios).

But apart from the social aspect of the event, which is the most important part of to some attendees, there is also a whole range of sessions on topics ranging from podcasts to magazines to future technology, management secrets and sales messages. Not to mention a trade show attracting the likes of international companies RCS, Google, streamtheworld, Reelworld… and from the UK, GCap Media and the BBC.

To pencil a review of the whole event would turn into a very long repetitive sribe, so instead we direct you to either check out our photo highlights below, or re-live our [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/page.php?149]live blog[/link]. We were typing away in most sessions, and entertaining those keeping the wheels of industry turning whilst we 'networked', to use a topical word.

So, here are the photos you were expecting when you clicked on the story headline just a few seconds ago:

GCap Media's half-logo'd broadcast bus. We took another picture inside but it didn't really show much.

One can't have a UK radio conference and not include a Tony Blackburn session. Classic.

A typical session.

Mica Paris wouldn't sing unless she had complete silence, which led her to ask a room full of hundreds of radio execs to 'Shut Up' !

A session with Mark Story, Dirk Anthony and Pete Simmons, [link=http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?sectioncode=1&storycode=42318&c=1]talking[/link] about networking.

Ric Blaxill, Trevor Dann, JonT

The trade show

Dave Foxx, imaging producer for Z100 holding a session about his production secrets.

And finally..

The view from our hotel room.

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