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That’s Life duo return: on radio

BBC London 94.9 is reuniting the legendary That’s Life! team when Esther Rantzen and Adrian Mills take over the breakfast show on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th of October.

Rantzen and Mills will be filling for for Jo Good and Paul Ross from 6 till 9am on the two days. They will be joined by other presenters from the show, including a little helping hand from phone guest Doc Cox.

Rantzen said; “That’s Life was a show rather much like a very large rambley family. I love them dearly, so I’m looking forward to seeing that they haven’t changed at all and I’m sure that they will see that I haven’t changed either.”

Doc Cox adds; “It'll be lovely to chat to Esther again. Somebody once asked me who my greatest influences were, and I had to reply "Buddy Holly, George Formby, my dad, Martin Luther King and Esther Rantzen.”

David Robey, Editor, BBC London 94.9 said; "It's fantastic to have another legendary TV programme revived for our breakfast programme (after TV-am). That's Life! was a pioneering TV show bringing consumer journalism to mass audiences for the first time and Esther Rantzen is one of the great TV figures, so it's a privilege to have her on BBC London 94.9."

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