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BBC World Service boss leaves

The director of the BBC World Service, Nigel Chapman, is to step down from his position after four years to become chief executive of a children's charity. Nigel has been with the BBC for over 30 years.

He will leave in April next year to take charge of the charity Plan International, which works with children and their families to combat poverty in almost 50 countries, after being a UK trustee for six years.

Before joining the World Service, Chapman was director of BBC Online and controller of English regions.

In an email to staff, the BBC director of global news, Richard Sambrook said: "He has overseen the biggest restructuring of the service since it was launched and the move into language television and the strengthening of our Internet presence. The World Service today is stronger than when he joined it and enjoys the largest audience it has ever had – a fitting tribute to his hard work and commitment."

Nigel also chairs the BBC World Service Trust.

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