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Drive Safe with Century Radio

To coincide with road safety week, Century Radio in the north west is running a Drive Safe Campaign each day, presented by Century news journalist, Matt Price.

The campaign will be an in depth look at the safety of the north west’s roads, with extra content in Ditchy and Salty’s Big Breakfast and Scott and Glen’s Drive home shows.

Host Matt Price will even re-take his driving test during the week, with the results going online on Friday.

James Rea, group head of news for Century's owner GMG Radio said: "This is a very important campaign for Century Radio and an issue which we feel duty bound to become involved with. The safety of everyone on the roads, not only in the north west but the country, is of course paramount. We want everyone to question their standard of driving and see how we can all make the roads of the North West, and the country, safer for us all."

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