Lucas joined BNP for research

Bosses at talkSPORT have issued a statement saying they have no immediate plans to use the services of part-time freelance presenter Rod Lucas, after his name emerged on the British National part list.
However, Rod has spoken up, saying he only joined to research a story and has never been a supporter of the organisation.

A talkSPORT spokesperson said: "Rod Lucas has told TalkSport that as a freelance journalist, he and three colleagues joined the BNP whilst researching a story. As well as joining the BNP, Rod also joined 22 other organisations including the Animal Liberation Front, the Communist Party, the Anti-Vivisection movement, PDSA, Save the Panda, amongst others. Contrary to reports, TalkSport would like to clarify that Lucas was not 'sacked' as was reported. He is a freelance presenter whom the station has used on an ad hoc basis.
"We were aware that he has worked for BBC Radio Kent and LBC. We were not aware of his membership of the BNP until today. We have no plans to use Rod Lucas in the immediate future."
On his [link=]website[/link], Rod has commented: "Following recent coverage of Rod in the newspapers, he is putting the record straight. Being a Radio Documentary and Talks Producer/Presenter – along with 3 other broadcast colleagues – he decided to make 3 1 hour specials on various pressure groups and political parties, one of which was the BNP. Others included The Communist Party, Animal Rights, and Fathers for Justice.
"Each member of the production team joined different parties and groups using their real names, to get inside the movements of each organisation. Rod says "I mentioned during my broadcasts at the time, my intentions of joining and charted the progress on air and dually signed to the BNP 2004/2005 for 1 year only. I used my real name and profession as a radio journalist/production. It was no secret to my listeners."

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