More wind-ups from Goffy

Former North East England presenter Goffy and his team from Century, Metro and TFM Radio went back in the studio recently to put together a new wind-up CD.

His latest CD, which is called The Very Best of Goffys Wind ups, is Goffy's fourth release and is due out on November 7th.
Goffy said: "It seems as though prank calls on the radio are the main topic of conversation at the moment after the BBC incident.
"I had a fair few warnings myself from the Radio Authorities after some of the wind-ups went a bit over the top -its a real shame that Ross and Brand have put another nail in the coffin of personality radio, the prank call they made will have a huge effect on future radio calls, and presenters will now face huge restrictions before picking up a phone said Goffy
"As far as the new CD goes, it was great fun meeting up with the old team again to put together the compilation. It brought back a lot of happy memories."

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