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No more Bugs at Key 103

Key 103’s ‘The Bug’ promotion came to a close last week, after a Stockport train station worker won the final £5,000 prize by locating and triggering the hidden device.

On air audio clues from The Bug’s transmitter enabled a listener to work out the gadget was right under his nose in the train station he mans each day.

Since the competition’s launch in October The Bug has been triggered three times by listeners shouting “I love Key 103” within a five foot radius.

£10,000 was awarded when The Bug was discovered in Salford and £5000 when it was discovered in Bury Market.

The competition, sponsored by Lythgoe Motor Group, has been deemed a huge success by bosses at Key 103 who are delighted with their listeners’ interest and interaction.

Programme director Gary Stein said: “For us it has been fantastic, it is a brand new idea and we genuinely did not know how it would pan out, but the results have been amazing. It has created such a buzz, there have been hundreds of people screaming the catchphrase all over the TSA and even celebrity visitors to the station like Paddy McGuinness have been saying where is ‘that bug’.”

“The marketing of The Bug was superb, we’ve had the “I love Key 103” speech bubbles out and about across the TSA and have had numerous celebrities posing with the signs to add momentum.”

“We’ve achieved some great local press as well, in the areas where The Bug has been won we’ve had some very positive coverage.”

Key have put The Bug back in its box for now, but will look at its future in the new year.

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