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PSquared go back to School

Radio software company PSquared are busy with school radio installations at the moment, along with adding an extra seven UK and international commercial radio stations to their portfolio in the last month.

"We are delighted to continue to expand our business, particularly in the face of so much doom and glum in the industry" commented company director Peter Jarrett.

In total, P Squared’s October saw orders from no fewer than seven commercial radio stations (two UK and five International) along with six school radio installations and numerous community radio upgrades.

Director Liam Burke adds: "We have worked hard over the past five years to ensure that we operate with a diverse customer base, enabling us to continue to prosper when any one sector takes a downturn. Our ongoing expansion in to overseas markets coupled with strong performance from our non-traditional radio markets help to grow the business and ensure long term stability and viability".

“P Squared have always supported radio in all it’s forms and believe that the community, hospital and educational radio sectors are just as important as our commercial activities” he added.

Over 300 stations now use PSquared's Myriad playout system. The company said the recent SBES show saw the UK launch of the Myriad Framework initiative [i]which showcased a range of new technologies designed to allow existing and new Myriad customer to embrace the trend towards great integration and networking and to help meet the challenges facing 21st century broadcasters.[/i]

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