Peak-time battles at Century

It's AM versus PM at Century Radio in the northwest as Breakfast duo Ditchy and Salty challenged Drive Home presenters Scott and Glen to a game of Bowling, complete with listeners taking part.

Prior to the match in Preston, Glen Hunt was confident of a sound win saying; “I do battle with the breakfast team in the name of honour, Preston and The Drive Home Show… We will win without question!”
While Ditchy and Salty were equally as self-assured; “We will conquer! Breakfast is bigger, bolder and stronger than The Drive Home… We are confident will take the Trophy and make it ours.”
Salty said “If Thursday night was a championship boxing match, they’d have stopped it in the 3rd round.” While a rather embittered Scott retorted with “Yeah, thanks to everyone, it was a great night and we claimed the moral victory since none of our team had their names on their shirts and their own bowling balls like over half the breakfast team did!”

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