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Radioville’s new Tom Baker ad

Advertising agency Radioville have created a new campaign for TalkTalk starting in the New Year, in which Tom Baker (Doctor Who) and Brian Blessed (I Claudius) boast to each other about the way their TalkTalk packages differ from each other.

The campaign named “My TalkTalk” advertises the the TalkTalk Essentials package.

In “My Security” Brian Blessed boasts that his TalkTalk has increased online security while Tom Baker counters that his TalkTalk has double download capacity. Brian tells Tom that “your TalkTalk has its priorities wrong” while Tom counters that “My TalkTalk knows what it wants out of life!”

While in “My Essentials”, Brian boasts that he has “boosted myself with download capacity” to Tom’s retort “You flash harry!”

The campaign, named “My TalkTalk” also stars Amy Shields as the voice of TalkTalk, and airs nationally from the 2nd of January.

The ads were written by Radioville’s Richard Johnston and Cindy George, directed by Ian Mactavish and produced by Sean Carnegie. The creative director was Tim Craig. The media buyer is MindShare.

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