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Revolution opens Snowline

Steve Penk went in to snow mode on 96.2 The Revolution as the first heavy snow of the season caused havoc across north-east Manchester.

Breakfast presenter Steve, and News Editor Sara Cunningham kept listeners up to date as weather conditions deteriorated whilst Station Manager, John Evington, co-ordinated the information-gathering operation behind the scenes.

“Local radio comes into its own on days like this”, said John, “and it was reassuring to receive so many calls from teaching staff asking us to pass on information to pupils and their parents about school closures”.

The station’s website was updated constantly throughout the day with a directory of school closures and cancelled events together with an information upload facility allowing people to send-in their own information and photographs of the snow.

“Website traffic smashed all previous records”, explained John, “and around 75 per cent of visitors went straight to the Snowline section to check whether their school was affected”.

What is your station during the bad weather? Email radionews@radiotoday.co.uk

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