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Rock Radio’s standards breach

GMG's Rock Radio in Scotland has been found in breach of licence after a listener complained about presenter Donald Macleod's comments about Barack Obama.

During a weekday evening show, Donald said the following when introducing the song ‘Black Hole Sun’ by Soundgarden: “Barack Obama’s favourite song. Your Mum’s got a big black hole, son”.

One listener found the line offensive and Ofcom agreed, saying that the comment was not justified by the context and breached generally accepted standards.

GMG Radio, which also owns Real Radio and Smooth Radio in Glasgow, said the comment was “completely ill advised and regrettable”, though it stated that it was not intended to cause unwarranted offence.

The presenter said his comment had been made “without any racial intent and was uttered whilst under some pressure within the studio”. Further, it stated that the presenter was “genuinely appalled and extremely concerned at making the remark”, which was an attempt at adult humour.

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