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Absolute drops as expected

Almost 20 per cent of Virgin Radio’s listeners nationally have switched off since the station changed name to Absolute Radio, according to the latest listening figures issued today.

"Bums on seats" have dropped nationally from 1.53m to 1.18m, and in London from 958,000 to 836,000.

But the lack of RAJAR diary ticks could be down to brand confusion, and was totally expected by the 15 week old station. In London, the station is down 7.4 per cent in hours quarter on quarter, with hours down 14.4 per cent across the rest of the UK.

Average hours stand at 6.6 per week.

Digitally, the station is still leading the way, with 45 per cent of the of the station’s national listening on a digital platform, compared to the commercial radio industry average of just 18.3.

“Absolute Radio has had just 15 weeks to sink into the nation’s ears, Virgin Radio had had 15 years. When Oasis were 15 weeks old they told everyone they were going to be one of the biggest bands in the world. 15 years on, now look at them. We have the same aspirations.” Said Clive Dickens, Chief Operating Officer, Absolute Radio.

“Our independent research has shown that our marketing campaign is working and awareness has doubled and a quarter of the population are already aware of the brand. This multi-million investment in marketing will continue, building on this foundation.”

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