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Instore DAB loud and clear

The age-old problem of steel-framed electrical shops turning DAB radios into little more than sexy-looking paperweights could finally have been solved.

Ofcom has agreed to put in place a licensing structure enabling shop owners to install low-power DAB repeaters, ensuring perfect reception throughout stores. It means the radios can be more easily demonstrated to customers, thus increasing sales potential.

The repeaters have been trialled in Currys and John Lewis outlets for the past year, and Currys' owner DSGi is now planning to install over 300 of the units.

It's reported that sales of digital radios have risen by almost 30% in stores where repeaters have been set up.

DSGi's trading manager Amanda Cottrell said: "We know from experience that demonstrating DAB radio in-store is the best way to show consumers the benefits of more station choice, ease of tuning and clean, digital quality sound.

"Consumers like to get hands-on with new technology and these DAB repeaters will help us to maximise sales in areas where demonstration was a problem."

Retailers interested in obtaining a repeater and the necessary licence should contact the DRDB on [link=mailto:repeaters@drdb.org]repeaters@drdb.org[/link].

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