Jon Gaunt to sue talkSPORT

John Gaunt, who was sacked from national talkSPORT in November for calling a Counciller a "health Nazi" has begun legal action against the UTV-owned talk radio station.

John made the comments during an interview with the council's head of Children's Services Michael Stark.
"I have tried to offer an olive branch to (head of TalkSport) Scott Taunton but he has declined my overtures," he said in a statement.
"He claims he will not reinstate me despite the tens of thousands of e-mails that you (the public) have sent in and that he and his press boy have struggled to reply to.
"Therefore he has left me with no choice but to take legal action and that has now started."
A message on John's website reads: "Of course if you wish to tell Mr Taunton and talkSQUAWK what you think of their decision to terminate my contract after ONLY 16 COMPLAINS TO OFCOM please email them .."
"As you know I have been forced to take legal action which is proceeding as we speak."
James Whale, who was also let go from the station for breaching Ofcom guidelines last year, also launched legal action against the station for unfair dismissal, but later dropped all charges.

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