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More DAB repeaters for stores

The Dixon Store Group is to install DAB repeaters in 300 of its superstores after a successful year long trial in Currys and John Lewis branches.

Ofcom has now agreed to put in place a permanent licensing regime for all retailers across the country, which will be handled by the Digital Radio Development Bureau.

The DRDB says: "Many electrical retailers suffer from poor analogue and DAB signal strength due to the steel framed infrastructure of the building or their basement location. Installing a DAB repeater on the roof means a signal can be boosted in-store and DAB radios can more easily be demonstrated, thus increasing sales potential. Indeed, some stores have reported as much as 30% uplift in sales simply by ensuring all DAB radios enjoy clear, uninterrupted reception."

DSGi’s Trading Manager, Amanda Cottrell: “We know from experience that demonstrating DAB radio in-store is the best way to show consumers the benefits of more station choice, ease of tuning and clean, digital quality sound. Consumers like to get hands-on with new technology and these DAB repeaters will help us to maximise sales in areas where demonstration was a problem.”

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