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Radio Aire helped pay for Xmas

In December, 96.3 Radio Aire teamed up with a local shopping centre to help pay for someone’s Christmas.

Shoppers who visited the Merion Centre over Christmas where asked to fill in a form by Radio Aire’s Street Team. The forms where then entered into a draw and a winner was picked at random.

Cheryl Pike, 33 from Lincoln Green in the TSA was the lucky winner and won £500 worth of shopping vouchers.

Cheryl said “This is the first thing I have ever won and when I found out my jaw dropped, I didn’t actually believe it until the vouchers were handed to me. It made Christmas so much easier and I’m soon to be moving home so I will be saving some to help furnish my house.”

Paul Griffiths from Radio Aire said “I think this is an amazing gift and I hope Cheryl enjoys spending every penny.”

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