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Silent Twadio station launches

An online radio station, which plays complete silence, has launched via the micro-blogging service Twitter. The imaginary station simply posts a random song title along with an artist and purchase link, every 15 minutes.

The idea behind Twadio, which launched this week, is for 'listeners' to see a song title and sing the tune to themselves, in their heads.

If the current song is one of your favourites, you can listen to a preview of the song via Amazon, and click a link to purchase the item.

It was created by two programmers, one of which is Birmingham-based Stef Lewandowski who runs a social networking site for dads, and the co-founder of the experimental record label. The other, Andrew Dubber, is a New Zelander living in the UK who describes himself on his website as someone who DJs occasionally, talks on the radio and runs a website called New Music Strategies.

Want to have a listen? (or not, as the case may be) – then click [link=http://www.twadio.com/]here[/link].

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