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Touch Screen Radio cometh

The next generation of DAB Radio will be known as Advanced DAB, featuring touch screens with slide shows, traffic news and tagging ability.

That's what a major supplier of DAB radio solutions Frontier Silicon is working on.

The company, which already provides technology to manufacturers including Pure, Roberts, Sony and many others, has developed a unique touch screen, full-colour audio-visual system that marks a major step forward in digital radio capabilities.

Once fully launched, "Touch Radio" will enable users to:

[b]access a media-rich electronic program guide,

view a slideshow depicting station ID and imagery,

tag and store information on featured products via interactive advertising,

tag and store information on favourite music tracks for purchase,

watch real-time traffic information and receive updates on public transport.[/b]

Details of the “Touch Radio” systems release coincide with a government study – Digital Britain – that is expected to recommend the eventual migration of UK radio broadcasting to fully digital distribution.

Anthony Sethill, Chief Executive of Frontier Silicon, said: “Touch screen radio is the next step in digital radio platforms and visual experience. The technology and enhanced user functionality is just as big a leap as that from analogue to digital radio, if not bigger, and allows us to truly map out the future of DAB radio”.

[center] [img]http://www.frontier-silicon.com/audio/touchscreen/images/01.png[/img]


[img]http://www.frontier-silicon.com/audio/touchscreen/images/06.png[/img] [/center]

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