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All talk at Swansea and Bridge

Bridge FM and Swansea Bay Radio covered a recent air crash by adopting a rolling news format across the day.

Both Town and Country Broadcasting stations brought listeners up to the minute coverage of the incident in which two air training cadets and their two tutor pilots lost their lives.

Bridge FM morning presenter Lee Jukes received the first calls from listeners reporting the air crash before the emergency services had arrived at the scene. Lee said: “Our switchboard lit up with callers who wanted to know what had happened and callers who saw what had happened. We were able to inform the region very quickly as the scale of the tragedy became apparent”.

Broadcast Director Andy Griffiths added: “Less than a week after our extensive coverage of the local disruption caused by the heaviest snow for a decade, at Bridge FM and Swansea Bay Radio we take our commitment to keeping our listeners informed as well as entertained very seriously”.

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