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Facebook girl calls Dream 100

Dream 100 Breakfast Presenter Tim Cole received a surprise call on his breakfast show, from the girl who lost her job because of comments on Facebook.

Tim had been talking about Kimberley Swann from Clacton who lost her job when she posted that she found it boring on Facebook.

Kimberley then called in to give Tim her side of events and admitted to feeling silly about losing her job in that manner and that she was delighted to hear her plight on air.

‘It was great when Kimberley rang in’ said Tim ‘fortunately she was up for a laugh and found my comments quite funny’.

Immediately afterwards Kimberley changed her Facebook status to ‘I can’t believe how big this has got – I’ve just been mentioned on Dream’.

Programme Manager Gary Mulligan said ‘It just goes to prove how popular Dream 100 is in Tendring, we are the local station for this area and having Kimberley call us proves that’

The story was featured on most media across the UK including Radio 1's Newsbeat.

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