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Midwest gains Format change

Midwest Radio, the brand created from the merging of former TLRC stations Ivel FM in Somerset and Vale FM in Dorset has gained another Format change.

Ofcom has granted the request for Midwest Radio to broadcast from either Yeovil and Shaftesbury.

The two stations already share 20 hours a day of programming outside breakfast, but the latest request to Ofcom asked if either site could play host to the shared programmes.

Ofcom said: "This request is not entirely unexpected. It follows the recent request for regionalised programme-sharing outside breakfast between two stations where there is clear cultural affinity.

"The request as worded allows the owner to co-locate at either centre as circumstances dictate. In the present circumstances – and given the affinity and state and size of the stations, which have been considered already – our guidelines would allow either area to be the ‘host’ area, and this should be achievable without any loss of service to listeners."

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