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Radio Comedy starts on ITV2

A new television series based in a ficticious London radio station starts this week on ITV2. [b]FM[/b] follows a group of fame-hungry friends who run a daily indie-inspired radio show.

The show, which starts on ITV2 this Wednesday 25th February, stars Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Under The Blue Sky) Kevin Bishop (The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories, Fat Pig) and Nina Sosanya (Teachers, Casanova, Love’s Labours Lost).

How real-to-life the programme is remains to be seen, as the show host Lindsay Carol (O’Dowd) fills his show with indie tunes and stories of his misguided personal life.

The three are seen dealing with [i][b]demanding managers, pushy new bands, unreliable recording artists, Dom’s relentless partying and boyband past, Jane’s shambolic love life, as well as Lindsay’s constant failure to pull, be cool or look hot in skinny jeans. [/b][/i]

We are also treated to a stereotypical wide-eyed receptionist and "nerdy" sound engineer.

[i]Worth a watch if only to see how true to life it might be.[/i]

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