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Topman on the Xfm Network

Clothes brand Topman has signed a six month deal with Xfm in London and Manchester to sponsor the late night XPosure with John Kennedy show.

"Topman CTRL" will be an ongoing monthly series in which some emerging talent will be taking control of Topman’s music programme and revealing their own personal artistic passions in the process.

Each month a different ‘controller’ will curate live events in cities across the UK including festivals as well as taking control of the Topman CTRL blog.

The deal has been secured by Global Radio and Carat Media.

Adam Uytman, Programme Director, Xfm said: “We are delighted to be working with Topman again, especially on this campaign as we have a great track record of getting under the skin of new and exciting acts across the UK. The XPosure sponsorship will activate and amplify Topmans’ CTRL campaign perfectly, speaking to Xfm’s passionate listeners in an engaging way."

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