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Wogan hints at leaving Radio 2

Terry Wogan has hinted that he might be ready to leave his breakfast show, Wake Up To Wogan. He told the Daily Mail: "You really have to leave before they shut the door on you.”

The veteran broadcaster admitted that he’d begun to think about his future after turning seventy in August. He’s presented the show since 1993, attracting up to eight million listeners a day.

Speaking at the Oldie of the Year awards in London, Sir Terry said: "This is a very crucial year for me. I mean, I'm 70 years of age. I have to get up at 20 past five every morning. I'm going to have to look around and see, although it's too early to say. I've taken a one-year contract and at the moment with the way things are you can't expect any more than that."

Wogan currently earns £800,000 a year for his Radio 2 show alone and is one of the highest paid presenters at the BBC.

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