Century consigned to radio history

The two remaining Century Radio stations have today been rebranded as Real Radio, seeing the end of the Century brand in the UK.

Owners GMG Radio, which [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.1201.2]bought[/link] the two stations in the Northeast and Northwest in October 2006, now owns five regional radio stations under the Real Radio umbrella, with a 6th to launch in North Wales next year.
Century Radio in the Northeast launched in September 1994 as one of the first-ever regional radio stations in the UK. It was owned by Border Radio Holdings and launched by John Myers and John Simons. Century 105 won the Northwest regional licence just years later as Boss FM, but changed name before launch in September 1998.
The stations were bought by Capital Radio (and later GCap Media) before returning to "the two John's" at their new company GMG Radio. They switched names at 6am today.
GMG Radio’s Deputy Chief Executive Stuart Taylor said: “As strong brands become increasingly important in the media market GMG Radio will house two of the most powerful networks in the UK .Real Radio and Smooth Radio complement each other perfectly. Listeners will continue to enjoy the same great presenters and music, and advertisers will benefit from bigger and better opportunities.”
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