Digital law passed – in France

A law which stipulates all new radio receivers, including in-car terminals, should be able to pick up digital radio transmissions is set to be passed in France.

In June the the French media regulator will publish its migration and licensing plan, with the government giving a clear message to the industry that digital migration will happen and the process should be fast.
The law sets out a three step programme to integrate digital radio into all radio receivers:
[blockquote]- 1st September 2010 – radio receiver which can display multimedia content will have digital radio reception enabled with the exception of in-car terminals
– 1st September 2012 – all new terminals will be dedicated to the reception of digital radio and multimedia with the exception of in-car terminals
– 1st September 2013 – all radio receivers will be digital[/blockquote]
Quentin Howard, President of the WorldDMB Forum, said, "The bold position taken by the French government recognises the need to ensure universal availability of digital receivers and gives the radio industry a solid foundation and certainty with which to plan its digital future."

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